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The Overview

Naturium is a company that makes a number of skincare oils, serums and creams. The products are marketed and sold through the manufacturer?s official website which is professional in appearance, easy to navigate and overall informative. In addition to an overview of how the product works in terms of supporting a reduction in signs of aging, the site also includes several other sections including information about the manufacturer including all contact details. There are also a number of customer success stories published on the site, list of ingredients used in the formula is disclosed but individual amounts are not. Additionally, all directions for how to apply the products are shown.

Naturium can be purchased directly from the manufacturer and all online credit card transactions are 100% secure. While no free samples are available for Naturium, the manufacturer does provide a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. Customers wishing to return the product are required to contact the customer service department to answer any questions they may have about the product.