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International Information

Do you ship to my country?

By filling out the Sign Up Form, you will discover whether or not we currently serve your location. All the countries we ship to are listed on the dropdown menu. If your country is not on the list then we are sorry to inform you that we have yet to serve the country you reside in.

What Carriers Do You Use To Ship Internationally?

International Orders are typically shipped via FedEx International or USPS Priority International, where these shippers are available. Upon checkout, the system will automatically generate a list of all available shippers to your location and indicate corresponding shipping fees from which you can choose your preferred mode of shipment. Shipment fees are added to the final amount of your purchase. Shortly upon receiving your order confirmation number, you should also receive shipping information via email, which will allow you to track your orders. Please take note that USPS does not allow tracking of orders.

Are there any International Shipping Restrictions?

All international orders are exclusive on taxes, duties, tariffs, and other customs fee requirements. The buyer will be responsible for the payment of such fees. Take note that Customs may not release packages up to 4 weeks. For this reason, we will not consider any package to be, “lost in transit,” until the 4-week period has elapsed. All Web Fulfillment shall not be held accountable for any eventuality concerning your package and customs, policies, procedures, and decisions concerning your package. All Web Fulfillment will not be compelled to issue any refund for the failure of Customs to release your package. In case Customs returns your package to us, you will continue to be responsible for the restocking fee, equivalent to 25% of the total amount of your purchases.

What are my payment choices?

You will find available payment choices upon checkout. Please choose one payment mechanism from the menu. Note that we will not ship any unpaid item(s) in your cart.

When will my order ship and what are my shipping charges?

Upon checkout, the system automatically identifies available shipping options for your location. Once you are ready to pay items in your cart, available Shipping Methods will be listed on the checkout page with the corresponding fees. Choose one method, click the payment button, and we will be ready to ship your purchases.

What is the return policy?

Please review our Terms and Conditions for more information.