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Customer Care Management Services

Customer Care Management Services

iHealth Fulfillment guarantees your satisfaction in all of your transactions with us. This is why our customer care specialists are ready to help you in every way to make your every engagement with us worth your while. We use the latest technology to make sure that we are able to appropriately respond to all customer concerns in a timely manner. Our staff is trained to provide you with the proper guidance to go through our systems and services smoothly and without the hassles.

Customer Service Agent Tools

We make sure that all of our client engagements are recorded and properly responded to on time. Our system allows us to store and retrieve important client details, as well as to keep track of orders and shipment. It helps us properly process any request for modification, customization, cancellations, and returns — all within one action click away.

Case Management Email Response System

We use a proprietary call center dashboard with a Case Management System to ensure that all of our client transactions are closely monitored and that concerns are followed through whenever necessary. Our customer care specialists carefully analyze your request or concern and respond to you with a simple, well thought-out plan of action that resolves your issues or queries. All of our client interfaces are stored and we use this information to improve queueing and resolution of various issues.

Customer Self-Service Interfaces

We use technologies and tools that empower our customers to search, fetch, and customize the information that they can store and retrieve from our systems. You may update preferences for your orders and even process return authorizations in real-time.